Reliable protection against mycotoxins in feed for poultry and livestock

1. KORMO-TOX means natural protection

2. Benefits of KORMO-TOX

  • Full compatibility with other feed components
  • Due to its positive polarity it binds to negatively charged mycotoxins and heavy metals
  • High specific binding properties
    • vitamin, amino acid and mineral concentration is not affected
    • Binding power - up to 96%
  • Protection and regeneration of liver cells
  • No water absorption
  • Thermal stability up to 120°C
  • Use for the entire feeding period, without limitation

3. The application of Kormo-Tox results in:

  • increase of parents productivity
  • improved meat and egg shell quality
  • increase of egg production
  • reduction of mortality
  • increase of daily weight gains
  • improvement of feed conversion
  • strengthening immunity system
  • reduction of treatment costs

4 Dosage

  • KORMO-TOX is added directly to the feed
  • 1-2 kg / MT depending on the degree of contamination of the feed
  • Easy to mix with the feed, compatible with other feed additives and veterinary preparations.

5 Retention period

  • KORMO-TOX does not affect the retention period. After the application of KORMO-TOX, the meat may be used without restriction

6 Packaging

  • KORMO-TOX is packed in 20 kg colored PE bags.
    For better transports and handling, bags are vacuum packed

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