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chemopharma is proud to annouce to be selected as distributing partner for Central and Eastern European Markets and Turkey in the field  of Food, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Applications.



Tartarica Treviso Group and Caviro Distillerie have mergered into Caviro Distillerie S.R.L. on January 18, 2008 and remains leading manufacturer of Natural L(+) Tartaric Acid.

Natural L(+) Tartaric Acid is obtained through the reduction of Calcium Tartrate C4H4O6Ca4H2O raw material which is derived from wine-making by-products (wine lees, raw tartar and bitartrates). By reacting the calcium tartrate with sulphuric acid we obtain a calcium sulphate precipitate (gypsum) and an aqueous solution of Tartaric Acid. By concentrating this aqueous solution, using many stages of sophisticated techniques, we obtain Natural L(+)Tartaric Acid crystals of the highest purity in various particle sizes for the different applications.


The most important field of application is the Food Industry in which it is used as emulsifyer for industrial baking, as natural acidifyer and as preserver, as ingredient for baking powders, biscuits, candles, gelatines, jams and soft drinks. Pharmaceutical Industry: This is the other strategical field for Natural L(+)Tartaric Acid, which is used in various formulations for antibiotics, effervescent powders and tablets, drugs for heart diseases and therapic compounds against AIDS. Natural L(+)Tartaric Acid is also used in several Cosmetic applications.