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CMC is used in several different personal care applications. It is used in various cosmetic products, creams and lotions, where its good binding, thickening and stabilising properties are utilised.Hair care hair grooming aids and shampoos (non-coloring)

  • Creams and lotions Skin
  • cleansing preparations (cold creams, lotions, liquids and pads)
  • Cosmetics Moisturising skin
  • care preparations
  • Face, body and hand skin care preparations (not shaving)
  • Eye shadow Blushers (all types)
  • Makeup foundations and bases
  • Eyeliner 

CMC is mainly used to thicken and to stabilise cosmetics but due to ist polymeric structure that acts as film forming agent, CMC is also used to improve moisturising effects.


One of the main CMC applications in the cosmetic industry is the toothpaste formulation.  CARBOCEL® AM range meets all the different needs of today's toothpaste formulations: regular white translucent clear gels, tartar control,      peroxide and baking soda types.  

Our Cellulose Gums easily dissolve in water and sorbitol solutions at different concentrations to yield the desired viscosity. They are compatible with the other ingredients. Being odourless and without taste CARBOCEL® AM PRODUCTS do not effect the final formulation. Due to the water retention capacity of CMC and for their rheological profile their use in tooth paste formulations can help to produce a smooth texture and to give good body and mouth feel. Blends of CMC with xantan or guar gums can be used to improve the viscosity profile of the final formulation. 
Dental fixatives are another important application, where CARBOCEL® AM Cellulose Gum has proven to be an excellent binder (all the grades are suitable both for powder type and paste fixatives).