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In 1987, initially Yung Zip Chemical was founded for manufacturing and supplying the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to Yung Shin Pharma. (one of the leading pharmaceutical industries in Taiwan). Through years' researching and improving, Yung Zip Chemical had laid the groundwork for the technology and quality, also started expanding its business scope, Yung Zip started serving and supplying the APIs to other domestic pharmaceutical industries, and earned a foremost position in bulk pharmaceutical chemical industry in Taiwan. It was an important foundation for Yung Zip to step into international market and become an international company. In 2001, Yung Zip Chemical had been inspected, approved by US FDA and ensured our excellent quality, allowing our products to market in US, Europe and other industrialization countries.  Yung Zip Chemical Ind. Co., Ltd.'s facilities and its manufacturing processes are under the control of Current Good Manufacturing Practices. These facilities have been inspected by the Taiwan, R.O.C. Ministry of Health and the US FDA for GMP compliance.

Yung Zip Chemical's  excipient has been widely used in pharmaceutical companies, due to its excellent quality and natural. It absorbs water rapidly, results swelling which leads to rapid disintegration of tablets and granules.

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 "DST" Sodium Starch Glycolate  meets the USP/NF, JPE, Type A Ph.Eur, Type A BP specifications

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"DST" Sodium Starch Glycolate is the sodium salt of a carboxymethyl ether of starch. It is used as tablet and capsule disintegrant and food processing.  A drug master file has been submitted to the US FDA - US DMF No. 7247.


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  • owns a property of rapid absorption of water into the tablet, plus an enormous swelling of its particles (about 25 times of original volume). As a result, the cohesion of a tablet containing "DST" is detroyed when brought into contact with water.
  • without formation of a viscous barrier when mixed with water, since it is insoluble in water.
  • reduces the disintegration time of tablet considerably, and increases the absorption rate of ingredients.
  • its disintegrating effect can be retained even after prolonged storage of the tablet.
  • reduces the negative disintegratin geffect of hydrophobic lubricants (e.g. Magnesium stearate) by its strong swelling properties.


"DST" is remarkably suited as a disintegrant in pharmaceutical tablets. It is effective both in tablets prepared either by direct compression or by wet granulation. Concentration: 2 - 8% calculated on the weight of the tablet, usually 4%.

Storage: Preserve in well-closed containers, preferably protected from wide variations in temperature and humidity, which may cause caking.

Package: 25kgs net drums and 20kgs net cartons, others on request...

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