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chemopharma is proud to announce to be selected as distributor for Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia.

We constantly hold IPCA material on stock at our GDP certified warehouse!


IPCA has emerged as one of India's top exporters of APIs with nearly 25% of the turnover coming from APIs. Regulated markets like the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia account for 75% of API exports.

IPCA is one of the world's largest manufacturers of APIs - Atenolol (anti-hypertensive), Chloroquine Phosphate (anti-malarial), Furosemide (diuretic), Hydroxychloroquine Sulphate (NSAID), Metoprolol Succinate (anti-hypertensive), Metoprolol Tartrate (anti-hypertensive) and Pyrantel Salts (anthelmintic) - besides being one of the largest suppliers of these APIs worldwide.