Gelatin is a valuable protein derived from animal by-products.                                    .

It is a purified product obtained by partially extracting the collagen contained in the skins, conjunctive tissue, and bones of the animals, being the only natural protein of commercial importance capable of producing thermoreversible in water gels.

Gelatin is classified as an edible protein and its compound is a chain of 18 aminoacids and the principle component is Glycin. It does not contain tryptophan and metionin levels are low and can therefore, be used in combination with other foods. Gelatin varies in hardness and composition according to the material that has been used, the type of conditioning and the extraction terms, since these factors affect the molecular distribution of the aminoacids obtained during manufacture.

Gelatin has good affinity with other colloids such as carragents, agars, alginates, and pectins, and is also compatible with the acids, sugars, polysaccharides and with the colors and flavors normally used in the different formulas, in many of which gelatin helps sharpen the flavor of other ingredients.



Stabilizer for Emulsions

in Soft Capsules

Jelling Agent

in Hard Capsules

Protein Forming a Film

in Tablets

Whipping Agent and Stabilizer of Forth


Nutritional Food


in IceCream and Frozen Food