logo ferrer healthtechchemopharma is proud to annouce to be selected as distributing partner.

HealthTech Ferrer was founded on January 1, 2011 from the merger of the Exquim, Interquim, Zoster, and Chemical IPROA Link Generics companies from Ferrer. They all complement each other, focusing their efforts on the industrial sectors of pharmacy, synthesis intermediates, food, nutritional supplements, cosmetics and animal nutrition, always following a strict policy on innovation, sustainability and ecology.

Complying with the most stringent quality specifications (standards GMP, FDA inspections ...), as well as the current environmental and occupational safety regulations in Europe, the brand Ferrer HealthTech is the quality seal through which the chemical division and its five production plants manufacture and supply raw materials for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries as well as ingredients for both food and feed.