Soluble Citrus Extracts

Soluble Citrus Extracts contain a high percentage of neohesperidin, naringin, hesperidin and isonaringin and can be obtained as water-soluble extracts from citrus fruit. They are completely natural products, without any additive or chemical step involved in their production. They have important physiological properties as antioxidants.

The product range is commonly used in cosmetic, in dietary industry and to complement several foods and beverages, the role of one of them being very important as a bittering agent in a wide range of food products: marmalades, confectionery products, chocolates, soft, sport, tonic and alcoholic drinks, etc.

The process for each extract is different. The products run through a series of processes to concentrate the Bioflavonoid content of the products and to decrease useless materials. After a suitable drying process, products are milled into a fine powder.

HPLC has shown to be the most effective analytical technique for precise and accurate measure of the most flavonoids present in our Extracts: isonaringin, naringin, hesperidin and neohesperidin.

Sample preparation depends largely on the composition of the food. While for carbonated soft-drinks only degassing is required prior to analysis, extraction methodology is the key to acceptable recoveries in most foods. Liquid foods containing water can be analysed after a single filtration process. Solid foods can be readily analysed in an extract made with hot water, alcohol/water mixtures or other adequate solvents.

Naringin, hesperidin and neohesperidin are normally the most abundant flavonoids in Soluble Citrus Extracts with a content of 45% approximately, although there are others (neoeriocitrin, isonaringin, poncirin) in minor amounts (3-5%).

Further information on these flavonoids detection and quantitation is available upon request.

The following list shows a selection of the products which complies with the physical, biochemical and biologic properties above cited:

  • Soluble Flavonoids

  • Naringin 22% Water Soluble

  • Bitter Citrus Extract

  • Citrus Bioflavonoids Complex 45% HPLC

  • Citroflavonoids Soluble GF